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In memory of Yasko

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Message From Yasko

     Please listen to track #1 and #14 of the new CD, Photon of Children, which was Yasko’s last studio recorded work, to hear a message deliver by Yasko in her own voice.

Yasko Kubota

     Message From Archie

        Hello to our sisters and brothers who came in for Yasko’s memorial concert from all over the New England.    Also hello to friends who couldn’t be there but love us! 🙂    Thank you so very much for your kind support and love for Yasko (& me).    Since only 2 month from her passed, with deep pain in my heart, it was so hard for me to produce this Memorial Concert.    This was not happening without my greatest close friends and your support.   You all are so wonderful and I’m so grateful to have each one of you in our lives!  I text all the time, please keep in touch it means so much to me to hear from you! 

Archie Kubota guitar SC


        For all those who still wish to contribute to the Yasko Kubota fund  donations to help cover Yasko’s medical bills can be made bellow.

Donations for Yasko

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Photos by Denise Maccaferri Photography