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Photon of Children – CDScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.46.39 PM

Our latest CD featuring Yasko Kubota (on iano), Archie Kubota (on Guitar, Upright Bass, Shinbone Bamboo Flute, Whistle, Voice and Percussion), and Ra Kalam Bob  Moses (on Drums and Percussion). This CD is a very special CD containg Yasko’s last recorded works and voice recordings

$20. plus shipping and handling


Sample Front GoodtYasko’s Birthday Benefit Concert – DVD

A recording of Yasko’s last Birthday and celebration of her life. So many Great and talented friends and professional musicians came to pay homage to Yasko
Kubota and support her through Jazz music.

127 minutes.

$20. plus shipping and handling


Ain’t No Jive – CD1577789

Featuring  best selling tracks B4yo and Alice In Wonderland, this CD is an Absolute must for Jazz lovers. Act now, Supplies for this CD are limited!

$20. plus shipping and handling.


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