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Power Jazz is an powerful and epic musical experience not to be missed. The band provides enriching music play with such passion and love. Audience members will be on the edge of there seats for this thrilling ride. No two concerts are ever the same, The leader of the band, Archie Kubota, says Jazz is about life and each day of life is different than the day before. Because of the diversity and amazing talent of the band members, as a group there is nothing else like it. Archie K. has become master of the Bass, Drums, Guitar, Japanese bamboo flute, Taiko drums, samisen, and so much more. Because of this he has many instruments to chose from, different sounds for different audiences and Archie is able to tailor his shows to fit the audience and setting. In addition to his talents he brings with him array of talented musicians and performers. The Power Jazz Unit is a name synonymous with high quality performances and diversely talented musicians and performers.



Passion East productions – The Kubota POWER JAZZ Unit

Sunday, September 10th 5:00pm-6:00pm

at 34th annual Peabody International Festival

Archie Kubota-bass/synth./guitar/voice/bamboo flute/Medicine-man flute/Japanese Taiko drum, Maxim Lubarsky-Key, Alvin Terry-drums, Janusz Kowalski-sax, T. Kaneko-Japanese Taiko drum

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