Yasko Memorial Concert

Please  join us   as   we   gather   to celebrate   the   life   of   an   amazing   person   and   world-class pianist.   Sadly,   Yasko   passed   away on   September   28th   after   a   long battle   with   cancer. We    would  like   for everyone  to   gather   in  celibration of Yasko’s   beautiful life   and   the   special   place   she holds   in   our   hearts.  There   will   be both   a   memorial   gathering   and tribute   concert.   For   this   special benefit   event,   food   will   be   available   in   the lobby bar. Tickets are $25 dollars and can be purchested in advance  or at the door.

Yasko Kubotahttp://www.spirecenter.org/event/99dcc0e6ebdf103204941e607c2a8822